The Independent Business Opportunity

The 10 Tier Independent Business Opportunity (IBO) is based on solid business products and services. Our business model is built upon serving and exceling companies and individuals with all of their online and offline marketing needs. We accomplish this through our partnered network of websites and affiliates, giving us the ability to deliver our clients message or promotion to their potential customers. Those that use our services continue to use our services, and we become a true value to their marketing strategy.

Independent Business Associate

An Independent Business Associates (IBA) is someone who joins our IBO.

IBA’s target businesses in their local community, but also utilize the internet to obtain many clients. Once you obtain a client, you continuously receive a residual commission off of that client, and you maintain that client executive relationship. As you gain more and more clients, you compound your earnings and continue to grow YOUR business with us. Just this business opportunity alone could earn you a great yearly income. But the earning opportunity does not stop there.

IBA’s Profit off of every sale others in their downline make!

So, you worked hard, built up a great client base and are earning a great monthly residual income. In the process you refer a friend, or maybe even someone visits your site online, and they become an IBA and gets added to your downline. A month goes by, and they start making a sale or two…or maybe even more. The next month goes by and you notice that your monthly earnings have went up considerably. How could this be?

As an IBA, when you refer others to our company, they become a money generating sales force for you!

Everytime they make a sale, YOU get part of the commission. So, let’s say in the course of a year you refer four others, and they all make a few sales a month, as they also want to earn a great commission as an IBA, well now you have potentially earned commissions off of an additional 12 or so sales a month that the IBA’s in your downline have made. And these too are residual earnings!

As you can see, these IBA’s will be working hard to gain clients that they can earn a resdiual income off of, and in doing so YOU now have levereged the efforts and time they have put into their business. As the months go by, they too want IBA’s in their downline and maybe even get a few themselves (overachievers might even get more then you did). When these IBA’s you refered also get others under them, you:

1.) Earn a residual commission off of the IBA’s you refer, and a residual commission off of the IBA’s they refer as well. (and this is only the 2nd tier)

2.) Earn a residual commission off of EVERY sale made by any IBA in your downline, to the 10th Tier!

Now as you can see, your 4 IBA referrals are out there selling, and as they do you are earning a commission off of it. But now their IBA’s are selling, and once again YOU will also earn off of EVERY sale that they make as well. So now you are not only earning a residual commissions off of your IBA’s sales, but theirs too! So you have your 4 that your earning off of, and those four each have a few under them, lets even low ball it and say 2 in their downline…so YOU now have a sales force of eight IBA’s that are out there bringing in business and you will be receiving a continuos residual commission off of EVERY sale.

And this does not even include all of your own direct sales!

This is just a very basic example of a business model that could literally explode with a little effort and dedication. The difference is that you could work for a company till your 67 and earn one income stream doing the regular 9 – 5 thing, or you could leverage the power of a multi tier business system, with a great company, with solid services, and develope a life altering business that you own and are totally responsible for.

So many ways for an IBA to succeed.

You can concentrate on building up your client base by offering companies and individuals affordable, value packed marketing and advertising services.

You could concentrate on building up your downline, leveraging the work force of many others under you, gaining their client base, and earning off of their efforts.

You could concentrate on building up your IBA downline, motivating others to build up their IBA downline, helping others gain access to a life long business opportunity.

Or you could slowly obtain a mixture of all business strategies listed above, maximizing your residual earnings and providing you with a tremendous business opportunity.

To learn more about the compensation you can expect to receive, and how to set goals to maximize your residual earnings. Please visit our compensation section.

Also be sure to visit our Fast Track page, which will lay out the exact steps you can take to obtain a six figure residual income within 1 year. is providing you with a solid business opportunity based on a multi tier residual income system!

Join a company that is determined to build a network of successful Business Associates while delivering businesses the results they need to excel in such a competitive market.

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