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sell your home fast

Tips on how to sell your house fast

The simple key to selling a home fast is to price it right. You could spend all the money in the world fixing up and marketing your house. In many areas foreclosures have depressed the prices quite a bit. While you may not be able to cut your price to the level of some of those bank owned homes, you can still do your research as to what comparable homes are selling for, and undercut their prices. You may not get as much action as the foreclosures, but you will at least get more action than other sellers who aren’t as flexible on price. Try not to get emotionally stuck on a certain price.

Get a good agent to help you sell: Get a good agent to help sell your house, not a friend of a friend – or your aunt Agnes who just got her real estate license. Your house is one of your biggest assets, and this is no time to do someone else a favor. Call a local real estate office and ask for their top salesperson. Interview a few agents and ask them to tell you what their marketing plan is for your home. Use someone who understands the power of the internet, the importance of good wide angle interior photos, and an overall marketing strategy for your house.

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